Best Sewage Grinder Pump Reviews 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

You must’ve dealt with the nightmare of a clogged toilet at least once in your life. The problem is troublesome and can be a nuisance no matter how hard you try to fix it.

And the ultimate solution for a clogged toilet that results due to a non-functional sewage pump in the basement is a replacement.

When a sewage pump stops working, the only option available is to upgrade your old one to a new one. You need to come up with a sewage grinder pump that will last for a long time and will not clog your toilet frequently.

What could be worse than waking up to a clogged toilet? It gets even worse if it is a recurring problem. Fortunately, you can avoid all that by upgrading your sewer pump. Our detailed reviews on the best sewage grinder pump will help you choose a suitable one for your basement.

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Zoeller 267-0001 M267

Wayne RPP50

Liberty Pumps PRG101A

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BURCAM 401446P

What is a Sewage Grinder Pump? Why is it Necessary?

The sewage grinder pumps are expected to be a substitute for a less powerful sewage pump. A sewage grinder pump eliminates clogging problems in your house or a place of work.

Unlike a standard septic pump, sewage grinder pump features a grinding mechanism that grinds things up to eliminate pipes' clogging and septic backflow.

A sewage grinder pump is reliable in pumping from the drain into the leech field surface or the sewer. It has blades that chop up the sewage.

Best Sewage Grinder Pump Reviews - Buying Guide

1. Zoeller 267-0001 M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump

The Zoeller M267 is one of the most trusted sewage grinder pumps for commercial and residential needs. It comes with a robust and extremely durable build owing to its cast-iron switch case and housing.

This pump features a non-clogging vortex impeller designed with cast iron that ensures it works efficiently, even in the harshest conditions.

It has a motor that can generate ½ horsepower, translating into 128 gallons per minute flow rate, or 7,680 gallons hourly.

The motor features an auto-reset safeguard against thermal overload, which means it will not get damaged prematurely from overheating.

The Zoeller M267 features heavy-duty sleeve bearings that allow maximum performance as high as 1750 rpm. The motor is adequately oil-sealed and hermetically sealed to allow a smooth operation. The pump’s body is also sealed with a square ring and a neoprene gasket for extra protection.

The Zoeller M267 features a Quarter-turn ball valve, which allows for a smoother operation. The pump also has a 2-inch NPT discharge that allows spherical solids measuring up to 2 inches to pass through. It comes with a 10-foot cord for easy portability.


  • It is incredibly durable due to its cast-iron build.
  • It allows up to 2-inch spherical solid waste.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It can perform efficiently, regardless of the conditions, due to its non-clogging vortex impeller.
  • It has thermal overload protection.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It is corrosion-resistant.
  • It is 100% factory tested.
  • It is an automatic device with an integral float switch.


  • Devices may malfunction at some point, as noted from a few past reviews.
  • It may also malfunction if not appropriately handled.
  • It is not suitable for large retail spaces.

The Zoeller M267 will help you when a toilet or sewer disaster strikes. It can pump a large water volume without risking clogging, as noted from standard sewage pumps.

2. Wayne RPP50 Sewage Grinder Pump

The Wayne RPP50 is an automatic sewage grinder pump that measures 14 inches tall and 9 ½ inches wide. It is among the sewage grinder pumps that rarely clogs.

It can handle large water basins since it was manufactured as an effluent and sewer pump and not a sump pump.

It has 6200 gallons of water per hour flow rate with five feet of lift, making it efficient for large water amounts. It is made from cast iron and thermoplastic, which makes it strong and durable.

Wayne RPP50 has a 2-inch NPT discharge that can handle up to two inches of solid materials to pass through. Its bottom suction design can pass solid materials up to 2 inches large.

It is designed for 18-inch diameter or larger sewage basins; 16 inches when ON and 6.5 inches when OFF. A tether activates the pump floats switch that routinely starts with the filling of the pit.


  • It is perfect for low to medium head heights.
  • It can grind up thick sewage.
  • It is reliable.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It can fit in the majority of residential basins.
  • It can pass solids up to two inches.
  • It is ideal for below the grade or basement installation.
  • It is durable and robust.


  • It requires a technician for the installation.
  • It has received a few complaints about malfunctioning. 
  • It does not have spare adaptors, tubing, or battery.

The Wayne RPP is considerably cheaper than the Zoeller M267 sewage grinder pump. It is efficient as well, and if you do not mind the lack of spare battery adaptors or tubing, it is a good and versatile investment for your pumping needs.

3. Liberty Pumps PRG101A Automatic Residential Grinder Pump

The Liberty PRG101A is among the top best sewage pumps in the market currently. Although a bit overpriced, it is ultimately efficient in service delivery.

This sewage pump features a one horsepower motor and a powerful shredding system to hinder large solid materials from clogging the sewage pipes.

The Liberty pump functions at 115V, together with a 12-amps full load amperage and a 47.5-amps locked rotor amperage for effective and quick grinding and pumping. Its body is made from top-quality cast iron, making it extremely durable and resilient. It has a powder coating finish, making it resistant to corrosion.

This Liberty grinder pump features a plate and a toughened steel V-slice utter that shreds any foreign substances not allowed in the sewer system. Such substances will include large solids, rags, and wipes. The result of the grinding is then passed via a 2-inch discharge system into the sewer system.

It has an oil-filled motor that allows smooth operation. The pump has an extra thermal protection feature, which reduces or cuts-off power if it overheats. The thermal overload protector works with 230V set at 221F. This makes the pump almost self-sufficient and durable for years to come.

The Liberty PRG101A can pump water up to 50 feet high at 2760 gallons of water per hour flow rate for effective and efficient pumping. It features an automatic switch for easy functioning and a 10-feet cord to portability when using the pump.


  • It is strong and durable.
  • It has improved torque for enhanced performance.
  • It can shred and grind foreign solid waste.
  • It is powerful enough to be used commercially, industrially, and in residential buildings.
  • It has thermal overload protection.


  • It requires a technician to install
  • It is costly compared to other grinder pumps.

The Liberty PRG101A is the most expensive pump reviewed here so far. Costing almost a thousand dollars, it is definitely worth its price. It is inevitably efficient and can comfortably last you up a couple of decades.

4. Liberty Pumps LE51A LE50-Series Submersible Automatic Sewage Pump

The Liberty LE51A pump is an automatic sewage pump best suitable for light commercial and residential applications. It weighs 43 pounds, measures 12 inches tall, 7.5 inches long, and 10.9 inches wide.

It is a sewage ejector pump that features a ½ horsepower electric motor for effective pumping or water and sewage.

The Liberty LE51A ejector pump has a maximum flow rate of 9,600 gallons per hour and a maximum pumping height of 24 feet. The features allow for optimum pumping and waste removal.

It has a thermostatic impeller that can pass 2-inches of solid waste to prevent clogging of the pipes. The pump has a thermal overload protection feature that prevents the motor from overheating, potentially leading to damage.

Thermal overload happens at 221F, but the protection feature limits to avoid damage. Its motor is oil-filled to allow for a smooth operation.

The Liberty LE51A runs on 115V single-phase AC for maximum electric functions. It draws 12 amps at an optimum load with rotors locked at 22.5 amps. The pump comes with a 10-foot fast disconnect power cord that allows easy use and portability.

It has a 140F optimum liquid temperature and an automatic mechanical broad-angle switch with a piggyback plug. The pump features a 2-inch NPT discharge that allows spherical objects measuring up to two inches to pass through.

It is made from class 25 cast iron, which makes it durable. Maximum pumping speed drops to 7,140 gallons per hour at 10 feet, 3360 gallons per hour at 20 feet, and goes off at the maximum head of 24 feet.


  • It is a thermally insulated motor.
  • It is durable.
  • It can grind and pump tiny solids.
  • It is reliable.


  • It is hard to install.
  • Pumping may malfunction occasionally.

This Liberty pump can comfortably last you from seven to fifteen years as long as you maintain it properly. It is a superior sewage pump that is moderately priced and useful as long as it's used accordingly.

5. Superior Pump 93501 Sewage Pump with Tethered Float Switch

The Superior Pump 93501 is another tested and recommended sewage pump available in the market. It is a ½ HP sewage grinder pump that pumps up to 4,800 gallons of water hourly and can lift water as high as 25 feet vertically for maximum delivery.

Its body is made of rugged cast iron, which makes it strong and durable. The cast iron is heavy enough to keep the pump planted in the pit.

The pump comes with a 10-foot cord for easy attachment and usage.

It has a tethered float switch that automatically turns the pump off and on. It has a 2-inch NPT discharge, which allows passage of solids measuring up to two inches. Together with a thermoplastic non-blocking vortex impeller, they ensure smooth flow and no clogging of the pipes.

It comes with a piggyback power plug that enables the pump to function as either a manual or automatic pump. It pumps 4,800 GPH at zero feet, 3,600 GPH at 10 feet, and 780 GPH at 20 feet. It delivers a maximum pressure of 10.83 PSI, and when used on a level plane, it can pump up to 80 GPH.

It features a 7.6 amp split-capacitor motor, which operates at 1,750 rpm and can deliver 912 power watts. It is thermally secured and designed for a maximum of 180°


  • It is 100% factory tested.
  • It is durable.
  • It allows the passage of solid materials to a particular measurement.
  • It is CSA certified and has a one-year warranty. 


  • It requires technical installation.

Superior Pump 93501 is an effective sewage pump that offers functionality and a reasonable price. It is easily recommended due to its efficiency and durability.

6. BURCAM 401446P 3/4 HP Complete Sewage Grinder Pump

The Burcam ¾ hp complete grinder pump that comes with a sewer basin. It is effortless to set up and use. The pump comes with a powerful polyethylene basin that has bottom and top anti-float collars.

The pump also comes with gaskets, aqua-flex seals, and a sewage check valve. It also comes with a non-corrosive cover deep set in to secure the lid and bolts during construction.

It is made with a strong cast iron, which ensures strength and durability.

The pump features a 2-inch NPT discharge adapter that allows the passing of solid materials measuring up to two inches. It pumps up to 1,875 gallons of water hourly at a maximum head of 35 feet.

The motor uses 115 volts, and it is adequately oiled for smooth running. It comes with an automatic thermal overload protection feature that ensures the pump does not damage from overheating.

The pump weighs 59.9 pounds, and the heavy-weight influenced by the iron build allows the pump to sit steady in the pit. It has a non-clogging vortex impeller that comes with a powerful grinder to shred solids.


  • It has enhanced strength and durability.
  • It is powerful and with adequate torque.
  • It is easy to install and operate. 


  • It only malfunctions if mishandled.

The Burcam 401446P grinder pump, just like the other pumps, is an efficient and affordable pump for your sewer clogging needs.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Sewage Grinder Pump

1. Build quality

Before proceeding with the purchase, you need to ensure it is of the highest build quality. You want a pump that will last you into the second decade. Heavy-duty sewage grinder pumps are not easy to come by.

If you find one, it is a worthy investment. The pump should be corrosion-resistant and individual components should be designed with materials appropriate for their purpose.

2. Features

There are some vital features you ought to expect in a grinder pump. Thermal overload protection is crucial to ensure the motor does not overheat and get damaged. The bearings should be adequately lubricated to ensure the motor runs as quietly and smoothly as possible.

The switch must be appropriately designed for sewage use and assist the pump discharge without complications. It should be easily accessible in case it needs replacement or repair.

3. Flow rate and motor power

It is essential to check the level of power you require. Assess the reviewed and recommended pumps for those that match your power requirements. A standard ½ horsepower is capable of doing a moderately good job.

The pump’s flow rate is also vital, especially if you have a top-capacity sewage system.

4. Energy efficiency

A grinder with a high flow rate and motor power uses a lot of energy. You should pick a pump according to your needs.

Who Needs a Sewage Grinder Pump?

A sewage grinder pump is vital for any homeowner. It is a pump that helps prevent the clogging of toilets and sewage systems.

Anyone who owns a residential, commercial, or industrial property should consider installing a sewage grinder system for effective waste and water pumping.

FAQs About the Sewage Grinder Pump

Q: What’s a grinder pump?

A: It is a pump that is found at the lowest spot in your house or yard. It grinds up wastewater and sewage then pumps it up to the closest municipal power line. The sewage and wastewater initially gather in a holding tank.

Once it reaches a specific level, the grinder pump is triggered to grind the sewage, creating the pressure to push the sewage and wastewater to the sewer line.

Q: How much does a good sewage grinder cost?

A: A sewage grinder pump is roughly twice the price of a standard septic pump. A $300 septic pump would cost $600 with the grinder attached. The extra cost is due to the hardware attached and a more efficient motor installed.

Q: How long does a sewage grinder pump last?

A: On average, a good pump lasts 7-8 years. However, you can find a pump that comfortably lasts up to 15 years. Durability depends on the frequency of use.

Q: Why is my grinder pump loud?

A: Pumps clogged with effluents and other solid objects tend to be noisy. If the pump produces a loud humming or a screeching sound, it points to weary bearings in the motor. Regular maintenance reduces the chances of such unwarranted noises.

Q: Can I install a sewage grinder pump on my own?

A: Installation of the sewage grinder pump is best done by a professional. However, if you have experience and knowledge, consider yourself a professional and do it yourself, ensuring your safety and the pump's safety.

Bottom Line

Overall, good quality sewage pumps can make a lot of difference to your household, since you don’t have to worry about frequently fixing clogged toilets. So, you should always settle for a grinder pump that will stay fixed and not cause the recurrence of old problems in your basement.

To solve your problems, you can check out our discussion on some of the best sewage grinder pumps. The detailed analysis of all the features will guide you to pick out an ideal one for your home.

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