Best Pedestal Sump Pumps Reviews 2023 With Comparison

Most of the houses have a floor that is under the ground level, which is known as basement floors. As these floors are under the water level, floodwaters and rain waters tend to accommodate on those floors, which can be quite problematic.

And even if you do manage to build a drainage system, the water will not flow properly because the level of the floor is under the water level. Well, that is where sump pumps step in. However, as these are not that popular, it would be quite difficult for you to get the best pedestal sump pumps for your house.

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But as you have found us, you will not have to worry about that anymore. Hopefully, by the end of this article, choosing one of them would be an easy task for you.

5 Best Cast Iron Pedestal Sump Pump Compared

Product Image

Model Name

Motor Capacity

Pump Capacity

Check Price

WaterAce WA50CPED

5,000 GPH

½ HP

Superior Pump 92551

3000 GPH

½ HP

Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09

3,840 GPH

1/3 HP


5,000 GPH

½ HP

WaterAce WA33PPED

3480 GPH

1/3 HP

What Are Pedestal Sump Pumps?

Unlike the traditional units, the pedestal versions come in two parts. One of them is the motor that is installed above the basement floor. And the other part is the hose that is kept on the area that is prone to floodwaters.

The other thing that makes these different is the installation process. Instead of letting them stay on the basement floor, you would have to install these vertically on the upper floor.

Apart from being a little different than the traditional unit, the operational process is the same. It would rely on a motor, which will pump out the water from the basement level. And the collected water is going to get dispersed at the place where you have placed the outlet hose on.

List Of 6 Best Pedestal Sump Pumps Reviews

Each of the models that the manufacturers are offering in the market will differ regarding the suction power and the overall efficiency.

There are other factors too. To make sure that the one you get offers you decent performance, we have selected a few of the well-performing ones by keeping all of the essential factors in mind. These are as follows:

1. WaterAce WA50CPED Pedestal Pump Reviews

A long lifespan is one of the things that not all of the models will be able to ensure. However, this one from WaterAce that we are going to talk about is not one of them, which makes it the best pedestal sump pumps on the market today.

First of all, the unit packs overload protection. That will make sure that the engine works optimally throughout the entire water suction and water dispersion process. If any over-voltage scenario does occur, it will shut the power. That will make sure that the core components do not get damaged.

And the overall construction of the unit is pretty solid. The body is made of cast iron, which makes it exceptionally sturdy. Also, that material has a high capability of resisting rust and corrosion. For that reason, you would not have to worry about the durability that much either.

The motor that it packs is quite powerful too. It comes with a ½ HP motor that can collect and disperse water relatively fast. You would not have to wait that long to clear the accumulated water out of your basement. There is a top-mounted float switch too. You can also adjust it.


  • Features a built-in overload protector
  • Packs a ½ HP motor
  • Sports a durable overall construction
  • Comes with an adjustable float switch
  • Can resist rust and corrosion relatively well


  • Suction power is not ideal for a large volume of water
  • Not capable of dispersing water with high pressure

2. Superior Pump 92551 1/2 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Sump Pump Reviews

On the lookout for the best rated pedestal sump pump? Well, you can stop your search here because Superior pump has got the thing that you were looking for all this time.

Just like some of the other units, this one also packs a ½ HP motor. It is capable of moving about 3600 gallons of water in an hour. That means you would not have to wait that long to remove all of the water that is accumulated in your basement. Also, the motor is capable of handling liquids that are up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other than that, the manufacturer utilized a combination of heavy-duty materials. The body is made of cast iron, which makes it exceptionally sturdy. And the other crucial parts are of stainless steel. For these high-quality materials, the overall package achieves a high level of durability.

The drive shaft can resist corrosion reasonably well. Also, the float ball, discharging slot, and impeller are of sturdy materials too. And the discharge slot is the standard 1-1/2 inches. Lastly, the power cord that it includes is 10 feet long.


  • Capable of moving 3600 gallons in an hour
  • Can handle liquids that are up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Parts are of heavy-duty materials
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Come with a 10 feet long power cord


  • Motor tends to overheat quite frequently
  • A bit heavy in comparison with the other units

3. Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 Best 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump

A quick and easy installation procedure is something that most of the sump pumps can not offer. However, this one that is from Flotec is not one of them.

First of all, Flotec utilized high-quality materials for the overall construction of the unit. The body is made of heavy-duty cast iron, while the inlets and outlet are made of stainless steel. In fact, it is probably the best cast iron pedestal sump pump that you can get right now.

Alongside that, the unit has a top inlet cover that will prevent the debris and dust from entering the pump section. As a result, you are going to get a maintenance-free user experience out of this. And the installation process is relatively straightforward. You would not have to use any sort of intricated tools to set it up.

Moreover, the motor that it packs is rated at 1/3 HP and is exceptionally efficient. It is covered with a thermoplastic cover, which will keep it cool during operation. You would not have to worry about it overheating and throttling. Also, the discharge port is the standard 1-1/4 inches.


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Features a construction of durable and heavy-duty materials
  • Sports a reasonably efficient motor
  • Boasts thermoplastic covering on the motor
  • Top inlet is covered


  • The motor is a bit underpowered
  • Has a loud operational noise

4. ECO-FLO Products EPP50 Pedestal Sump Pump

Are you looking for the best 1/2 HP pedestal sump pump? Then you should not look any further because ECO-FLO has got a worthy unit for you!

To start with, the motor that it sports is rated at ½ HP. It is quite powerful and efficient at the same time. With that, it will be able to move 500 gallons in an hour. That means you would not have to wait that long to remove the accumulated water from your basement.

Aside from the powerful motor, the float switch that it features is adjustable. It is placed at a

convenient position too, which is at the top. For that reason, it would be quite easy for you to operate the machine. The motor also bundles along with a capable 115 volts capacitor, which is going to ensure that the power is consistent throughout the operation.

Also, both the base and the body is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron. That material makes the overall package exceptionally sturdy. And the column has zinc plating on it. That means durability is something that you would not have to worry about much.


  • Comes with a powerful and efficient ½ HP motor
  • Sports the ability to move 500 gallons of liquid in an hour
  • Packs a 115 volts capacitor
  • Features an adjustable float switch
  • Boasts a durable construction


  • Does not have any overheating protection
  • A bit prone to short circuits

5. WaterAce WA33PPED Pedestal Pump

The brand WaterAce seems to have an extensive lineup of reliable sump pumps to offer to the crowd. And this one that we are going to take a look at is not an exception in that regard.

Just like some of the other units, this one also has a float switch that is fully adjustable. It is also positioned at the top, which is going to make it easier for you to operate it.

And the motor that it packs is up to par when it comes to power. It bundles along with a 115 volts capacitor that is going to make sure that the power is constant.

Alongside that, it is capable of discharging small solids too. It can move solids that are up to 3/16 inches in size. So, there would be a pretty slim chance of the inlet and outlet lines clogging. On that note, the discharge port is the standard 1-1/2 inches, which means you would not have to worry about hose compatibility either.

The body is of heavy-duty cast iron, which makes it exceptionally durable. And the column has zinc plating on it. 


  • Able to discharge solids that are up to 3/16 inches in size
  • Sports a 1-1/2 inches discharge port
  • Bundles along with a powerful 115 volts capacitor
  • The float switch is placed on the top
  • Easy to operate


  • Motor overheats pretty easily
  • Suffers from power throttling

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6. Zoeller 84-0001

Thermal overload is something that most of the sump pumps suffer from. Well, Zoeller has got a solution for that, and they have integrated that in this unit.

To start with, it packs a thermal overload protection circuit. That will make sure that the chances of the motor overheating are slim. Also, because of that, the possibility of power throttling will be pretty low too. You are going to get consistent power out of it.

Alongside that, crucial parts of the unit are permanently lubricated, which will ensure that the overall friction is low during operation.

And because of the metal enclosure that the motor has, you would not have to worry about water damages either. It will last for an extended amount of time.

Aside from that, both the base and body of the unit are made of heavy-duty material – both of them are of cast iron. Also, it has an adjustable cycle mode that can be set up to 12 inches. You will also have the freedom to adjust the float switch accordingly. And the unit is highly resistant to rust and corrosion as well.


  • Comes with an efficient thermal overload protector circuit
  • Both the base and the body is made from cast iron
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The cycle is adjustable
  • Offers a dedicated metal enclosure for the motor


  • Operation noise is a bit loud
  • Comparatively underpowered

How to Choose the Right Pedestal Sump Pumps - Buyers Guide

Even though there are plenty of sump pumps in the market, not all of them perform equally. And if you do want to get the well-performing ones, going through the reviews would not be enough. You would also have to keep some crucial factors in mind. The points that we are talking about are as follows:

The Power and the Efficiency of the Motor

First and foremost, you need to consider the motor of the unit. And for this, the first thing that you need to factor in is power. Most of the sump pumps will pack a ½ HP motor. However, there are many that will pack 1/3 HP motor. And the power will depend on how deep the water tends to accumulate in your basement.

If your basements tend to get flooded with heavy water, you need to shoot for the ½ HP ones. On the other hand, if the flooding is not that much, then you should be good with the ones that pack a 1/3 HP motor.

Aside from power, you also have to consider the efficiency of the motors. The higher the efficiency, the more reliable the performance will be. Alongside that, the efficient ones will also consume less amount of time, which would allow you to save a couple of bucks in the electricity bills.

Operational Noise

Other than the power and the efficiency of the motor, you need to consider the operational noise too. As you are going to install these on your basement's upper floor, it can get a bit inconvenient if the operational noise is too much.

Alongside that, these have to run for a long amount of time as well. So, we would suggest shooting for the ones that make a minimal amount of noise during operation.

Protection Circuits

Even if you happen to get a unit with a highly capable and highly efficient motor, you would not be able to expect the long-term durability of the motor without protection circuits. For that reason, you should prioritize these circuits.

The first circuit that you need to factor in is the overheating protection circuit. As most of these motors are brushed and has metal parts inside, they would overheat. And without this circuit, the core components of the motor can get damaged because of overheating.

Secondly, you need to consider whether the unit has overload protection or not. Without that, the motor can malfunction when a voltage surge occurs.

And with frequent malfunctions, the components inside the motor can get damaged. For that reason, we highly recommend shooting for the units that come with overload protection.

Build Quality

Another thing that you should consider for the sump pumps is the overall build quality. It is going to dictate the overall lifespan of these machines. We would recommend the ones that utilize high-quality materials for the body and the parts.

Most of the manufacturers are going to utilize cast iron, which is reasonably sturdy. And those are the ones that we would suggest shooting for.

Rust and Corrosion Resistant Capability

As these machines are going to handle water, they need to have rust and corrosion-resistant capabilities. Without having that, the parts can get rusted or catch corrosion pretty easily. And when they do catch rust or corrode, the overall performance will degrade.

Installation Process

The last thing that you would need to consider is the installation process. You should opt for the ones that have a simple and straightforward installation procedure. Those will be pretty much hassle-free.

You would be able to assemble and set them up within minutes. Also, make sure that all of the mounting hardware is included in the package, or else you might have to get them separately.

Advantages of Having A Pedestal Sump Pump

When it comes to sump pumps, there are generally two different versions. One of them is the submersible one, and the other one is the pedestal version that we focused on in this article. And there are many advantages that these versions bring to the table. The main ones are as follows:


Compared to the other version, this one is considerably durable. As they do not have to remain submerged in water, the chances of the motor getting malfunctioned are pretty slim for these. Also, these usually have a construction of high-quality materials, which makes these achieve a prolonged lifespan.


In comparison, these have a simple and straightforward installation process. All you would have to do is tinker around with some mounting hardware, and you would be good to go.

In fact, it would only take you about thirty minutes for the overall installation process for some of the units. And most of these will come with a simple and easy to follow manual, which will make the process easier.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike the other version, the maintenance process for these is a breeze. As they are installed on the basement's upper floor, and the motor is easy to get access to, you would not have to disassemble it completely to carry out the maintenance process.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As we have mentioned, the maintenance process for these is comparatively easy. And you would not have to carry out the process that frequently either. It would require maintaining in every three to four months, specifically before the rainy and flooding season. And the steps are as follows:

  • First of all, you need to clean the inlet ports. Take the hose off and clean the openings of the port. Also, do make sure that the hose does not have any mold build-ups, or else the flow of water will be obstructed.
  • Secondly, you need to check the power cord. There should not be any wear or tear on the cord. Also, do make sure that it is plugged into a GFCI outlet. That would reduce the chances of short circuits occurring.
  • Then, you would have to check the screws and the positioning of the machine. During operation, vibrations can loosen up the screws. So, if you find any screws that are a bit loose, you need to tighten them up properly.
  • Lastly, check whether the motor is working optimally or not. Pour a bucket of water and test how quickly the motor responds. If it responds quickly, it is in good shape.

Who Needs The Pedestal Sump Pumps?

There are numerous reasons to get one of these. The most common ones are:

You Have a Pretty Low Basement Floor

If your housing's basement floor is lower than the ground level, the water can pretty easily accumulate inside it. And to make sure that you do not want to spend the expense of water damage restoration, you should get one of these.

You Live in a Flood-Prone Area

Water naturally accumulates in the areas that have a low elevation. And if you do live in one of those areas, these machines are a must-have for you.

The Basement Has Flooded Before

If you have experienced basement flooding in the past, then you really do not have an alternative to getting one of these. By getting one of these, you would not have to go through the hassle that you had once gone through when the first flooding occurred.

You Own a Finished Basement

Probably, you have spent a lot of money on finishing the basement that you own. And if you do not want to spend extra money on restoring water damages, you should get one of these as a precautionary measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the causes of a sump pump failure?

In reality, there are multiple reasons behind a sump pump failure. One of the most common ones is the lack of maintenance. Just like any other product, if you want these to last for an extended amount of time, you would have to take proper care of them.

Aside from that, sudden power outages can also lower the lifespan of these. For that reason, we would recommend getting a backup generator.

2. How long do pedestal sump pumps usually last?

The overall lifespan is going to depend on multiple factors. One of them is the protection circuits. The better the protection circuits the unit has, the extended the lifespan will be.

Alongside that, it is going to depend on the overall build quality too. The ones that are of heavy-duty materials tend to last for an extended amount of time.

Lastly, the care and the maintenance process also has a big role to play in the lifespan of these devices. Nevertheless, you can expect these to last for about five to six years. And the ones that have a proper build can last for up to 15 years.

3. Will I be able to set up a pedestal sump pump by myself?

For most of the devices, you would not have to call a plumber for the installation process. In fact, many will come with a step-by-step guide that will make the installation job feel like a piece of cake.

Also, if you want to carry out the installation process yourself, you should ensure that you have all the necessary tools too.

4. How often should I carry out the maintenance process?

As we have mentioned, you should carry out the maintenance process every three to four months.

5. What should be the diameter of the hose for my pedestal sump pump?

It will depend on the size of the discharge port. Check the diameter of that first and get a matching hose.

Final Words

Now that you have a proper idea about the best pedestal sump pumps that manufacturers are offering in the market, hopefully, choosing one will not be that much of a difficult task for you.

We hope that the one you decide to purchase offers you decent water moving performance and can keep your basement dry and free of accumulated water.

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