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Many of us love taking a hot shower after a tiring day. It is one of the things that energize us and makes us ready for bed. However, waiting for the water to get hot can be a bit inconvenient. Well, that is where the recirculation pump comes into play.

However, because of how saturated the market is at the moment, it would be quite difficult for you to get one of the best hot water recirculation pumps for yourself. But consider this to be your lucky day because we are here to make choosing one of these a piece of cake for you.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will not only have an accurate idea about these but also will be able to choose the right one for your water delivery system.

5 Best Hot Water Recirculating Pumps Compared

Product Image

Product Name

Flow Range

Head Range

Check Price

Watts 500800

0 - 15.5 GPM

0 – 6 Ft

Grundfos GRU-595916

0 – 9 GPM

0 - 6ft

Grundfos 59896155

0 – 34 GPM

0 – 36 Ft

Laing LHB08100081

0 – 8 GPM

0 – 6 Ft

Laing 6050E7000

0 – 4 GPM


What Is A Hot Water Recirculation Pump?

Before we introduce you to some of our picks, we would want to make sure that you are a bit familiar with these systems. Unlike the traditional geysers that you would find in the market, these utilize a pumping mechanism that will recirculate the warm water directly to your faucet.

That means you would not have to play the waiting game anymore to take a warm shower. Usually, you would get slightly warm water in the first ten seconds, and the temperature will rise with the flow of the water.

Alongside that, because of having a recirculation mechanism, these would be able to reuse the water. That means there would be a considerably less amount of water wasted.

6 Best Hot Water Recirculation Pumps Reviews

Now that you have a general knowledge about these systems and what they are capable of doing, you must be excited to know about the unit that we have picked for you, right? Well, without further ado, these are the systems that we think are worth every penny that you would have to spend on them:

1. Watts 500800 - Best Hot Water Recirculating Pumps

The best recirculation pumps for your home would be the ones that require a less amount of attention for operating. And Watts has got a product of such kind to offer to the market.

To start with, you are going to receive everything with the kit. Starting from the adapter to mounting screws, it comes with all. That means you would not have to go through the hassle of getting things separately after getting this package.

As we have mentioned, you would not have to fiddle with the system that much after installing it. It packs a built-in timer that is fully programmable. You will be able to set the timer within the 24-hour dial that it has, and it will start automatically at that exact time.

And for the unique design that it sports, it has a reasonably quiet operational mode too.

Also, the installation process is pretty straightforward for you too. As we mentioned, it comes with everything that you would require for the installation process. And it would smoothly go with the existing plumbing that you have. The process is that teasy that it would end in less than an hour.


  • Package contains every required part
  • Has a built-in timer
  • Sports a unique design that keeps it silent during operations
  • Installation process is straightforward
  • Comes with multiple adapters


  • Not compatible with all the water heaters
  • Some of the kits ship with defective valves

2. Grundfos GRU-595916 Recirculation Pump Reviews

Were you on the lookout for the best Water recirculation pump that is not only easy to install but runs quietly? Well, Grundfos probably got the thing that you were looking for all this time.

To begin with, it has a flow rate of 9 GPM. That means it would be able to disperse gallons in just a minute, which more than enough for showers.

It can deliver that for the 16 amps motor that it packs. And it consumes a reasonably low amount of electricity, which makes it exceptionally energy efficient.

Aside from that, it comes with all the mounting hardware in the package too. You would not have to purchase anything separately. Also, the installation process is hassle-free. You would not have to go through any intricate procedures for installing this.

The unit also has a built-in timer mechanism that will enable it to start automatically. And the unique motor design that it sports allows it to operate by making a low amount of noise. Also, for the inclusion of 10 feet long power cord, you would not have to worry about not finding a power outlet near the place you are installing this.


  • Packs a highly efficient motor
  • Outputs a minimal amount of operational noise
  • Has a built-in timer settings
  • Can move up to 9 gallons in just sixty seconds
  • Easy to install


  • Includes a relatively flimsy valve
  • Replacement parts are not that easy to find

3. Grundfos 59896155 SuperBrute Recirculating Pump

Having rust and corrosion resistance is what makes one of these the best recirculating pumps for water heater. And Grundfos is here to offer a unit that has that capability.

To start with, it sports a rotor that is constructed of stainless steel. That material makes that component highly resistant to rust and also makes it relatively lightweight.

Also, the motor that it packs is properly sealed using two rubber gaskets. Those will ensure that leakages can not damage the core components.

Alongside that, it has a ceramic shaft. Also, the housing is made of cast iron that makes the overall package exceptionally sturdy. And the impeller that it has can resist corrosion reasonably well. That means you would not have to worry about it losing performance because of rust and corrosions.

Lastly, the bearings that it bundles along are radial-axial bearings. For that reason, it is able to move 155 gallons of water in an hour, which is higher than some of the other units. Also, the bearings are well lubricated and operate without causing any friction. That will lower the chances of performance throttle.


  • Has a ceramic shaft
  • Rotor is made of stainless steel
  • Can resist corrosion and rust
  • Sports a 155 GPH rating
  • Features a proper sealing


  • Included power cord is a bit short
  • Does not have an automatic timer system

4. Laing LHB08100081 Best Low Flow Circulating Pump

If you were on the lookout for one of the best rated hot water recirculation pumps, you should check what Laing is offering here with this unit.

First of all, the unit has an appropriate amount of protection integrated into it. It comes with a dry run cutout circuit, which will prevent the motor from operating when there is no flow of water.

That means you would not have to worry about wasting electricity when there is no water in your system.

Other than that, it can work with high-temperature water with ease. The rated temperature is up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you would be capable of circulating relatively hot water into your showers. Also, the line is capable of working with 150 PSI pressure, allowing it to get up to par GPH rating.

Aside from that, the motor that it packs is reasonably efficient. It operates by outputting a relatively low amount of noise. Alongside that, it also outputs a low level of vibration, which will enable it to stay in place during heavy loads. You would not have to worry about the screws unthreading.


  • Rated for up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can work with 150 PSI pressure
  • Has an efficient motor
  • Operates with a low level of vibration
  • Features a dry run cutout circuit


  • Motor is not that powerful
  • Might be incompatible with some of the heater models

5. Laing 6050E7000 Best Pump With Timer

There are plenty of recirculatory pumps out there. However, there are only a few that boast a built-in temperature control mechanism. And this unit that is from Liang is one of those few.

To start with, the motor that it packs is reasonably powerful. It is capable of moving up to four gallons of water in under sixty seconds. That GPM rate is more than enough for most of the shower and faucet system.

Alongside that, the motor is exceptionally efficient too. It consumes considerably less amount of power during operations.

Apart from that, it sports a built-in temperature control. You will be able to adjust the temperature right from the unit. That means you would not have to get any extra return line. The design that it boasts is perfect for retrofit systems, which means you would not have to worry about not having a recirculation pipe with you.

And power cord that it comes along is six feet long. That length of the cable is quite enough for most of the installation scenarios. Also, the overall construction of the housing is of heavy-duty materials. That makes the overall package exceptionally durable.


  • Features a built-in temperature controller
  • Sports a unique design that makes it compatible with retrofit systems
  • Boasts a highly efficient motor
  • Can transport up to 4 gallons of water in a minute
  • Overall construction is pretty durable


  • Does not have an easy installation procedure
  • Tends to leak

6. Taco 006-B4 - Bronze Circulator Pump Reviews

There might be scenarios in which you want to get something that is compact yet powerful. Well, in those cases, you should put this one that is from Taco into your consideration list.

To begin with, the overall form factor of the unit is pretty compact. It is relatively lightweight too. For that reason, even if you do not have that much space in your water delivery system, you would have no trouble in the case of installing this.

Also, the connection size is ¾ sweat, which is compatible with most of the plumbing systems.

Aside from that, the motor that it packs is quite efficient too. It consumes reasonably less power than some of the other devices that are out there. Also, it outputs less amount of noise during operation as well. The vibration during operation is relatively low too.

Lastly, the flow range of the unit is reasonably high. It can disperse at a staggering rate of 10 GPM. Also, the range of the head is up to 9 feet. That means you are going to get a steady flow of water in both showers and other faucets.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Flow rate is up to 10 GPM
  • Operates by making a low amount of noise
  • Packs a reasonably efficient motor
  • Output port is standard size


  • Some of the packages ship with missing sweat joints
  • Does not come with a power cord

How to Find the Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump?

You must be pretty thrilled to get one of the units that we have included in our recommendation list. And even though all of them will offer your decent recirculatory performance, if you want to get the most out of the money that you are going to spend, you have to keep these points in your mind before buying:


Just like any other pumps, the thing you need to prioritize the most for these is the motor. And the first thing to consider about this would be the power. The higher the power, the faster the water flow will be.

And even though most of these do not indicate the HP of the motor, the indication of the power would be the GPM rate. Usually, the higher-powered units are going to have a high GPM rate.

Aside from power, you would also have to consider the efficiency of the motor. You would not want to raise the electricity bill for your house that much after installing one of these, would you?

For that reason, you should shoot for the units that pack an efficient motor. Those will consume a relatively less amount of power during operation.

Lastly, you need to consider whether the operational noise of the motor is low or not. Having something that makes a lot of noise will not only be inconvenient for yourself but also the neighbors that are around you. Considering that, we would recommend shooting for the ones that have a quiet motor.

Installation Procedure

Another thing that you need to consider when buying these is the installation procedure. You would not be able to carry out the installation by yourself if you get something that utilizes intricate parts.

For those, you would have to rely on a plumber, which means you would have to spend extra money. Keeping that in mind, the ones that have a simple installation method are the ones you should get.

Alongside that, do make sure that the package comes with all the necessary hardware. If you happen to get something that does not ship with the required screws, valves, and mounting hardware, you would have to purchase them separately.

Built-in Timer

If you do not want to go through the hassle of turning the unit on and off manually, you should opt for the ones that have a built-in timer. With those, you will be able to set a designated timer in which the motor will start operating. And once that designated period is over, the unit would automatically turn itself off.

Power Cord

Another thing that you would have to consider is the length of the power cord. The lengthier the cable will be, the easier the installation process would be. You would not have to go through the trouble of getting a cable extender or a power strip if the power outlet is relatively far.

For that reason, you should shoot for units that pack a long power cord.

Build Quality

One of the most critical factors for these is the build quality. And for this factor, the first thing that you need to consider is the material. Most will be of stainless steel or cast iron, or some other type of metal.

No matter which material the one that you are shooting for is utilizing, make sure that it can resist rust and corrosion. Without that capability, you are going to get an extended service out of these.

Aside from the material, make sure that the form factor is compact as most of the plumbing systems do not have that much amount of space. However, if you have a spacious system, then you can stay a bit worry-free in this regard.

Advantages of Having The Hot Water Recirculation Pump?

As you have guessed by now, there are plenty of advantages of having one of these installed. However, if you are still clueless about the factor, these are key advantages that you would be able to enjoy:

Better Circulation

The heating system is usually located closer to the shower or a designated faucet for most of the house layouts. And it takes ages for hot water to get to the other showers or faucets. But with one of these installed, you will be able to enjoy warm water right after turning the knob on.

Low wastage of water

As the name suggests, these recirculate water. That means no water is going to be wasted that is inside the heating system. You are basically going to take an eco-friendly approach in the case of enjoying warm water throughout your entire house.


Because the warm water is going to reach most of the faucets instantly, you would not have to keep your heater on for a prolonged amount of time. That means you save a big chunk of money from the electricity bills or gas bills, considering your heating is gas-based.

Also, as you are going to use all of the water efficiently, you would be cutting down water bills as well.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you want the system to last for an extended amount of time without showing any signs of performance degradation, you need to take proper care of it. And the cleaning and the maintenance process is as follows:

  • First of all, you need to unplug the power cable. Then take off the hose and the other connectors that are connected to the system. Store them somewhere near you.
  • After you have disassembled the pipes, you need to disassemble the housing. For that, you would need to work with screws. Unscrew each of the screws and get access to the insides.
    Check whether the bearings have proper lubrication or not. If they are clogged up with dust, you need to clean them properly.
  • Then you need to clean the hoses. Make sure that there are no signs of mildew or mold growth. If you see any of that, you need to clean the inside by running hot water.
  • Once all of the components are cleaned, you would have to reassemble the parts.

Installation of Recirculation Pumps

No matter how powerful of a unit you get, you would not get the maximum performance out of it if you can not install it properly. And the installation procedure that is applicable for most of these units are as follows:

  • First, you will have to turn the water heater off. If you are using a gas-based water heater, you need to ensure that the gas line is turned off as well. After that, you will also have to make sure that all the faucets and showerheads are turned off, or else when you are going to work with the plumbing pipes, there would be a lot of leakages.
  • Then you would need to disassemble the pipes. After that, you must drain all the excess water from the heater and the pipes. If you do not drain the water, you will get a blast of cold water after carrying out the installation process.
  • Now that you have disconnected all of the pipes, you would have to connect the adapters and threadings. Ensure that the threadings are properly installed, or else there would be leakage after you turn the water system back on.
  • Finally, you need to install all the mounting brackets and install the pump in place. Then you have to reinstall all of the pipes and turn the system back on.

Who Need Hot Water Recirculation Pumps?

There is a high chance that you are wondering whether you should invest your money in one of these or not. Well, here are the points that would make you sure whether you should get spend your valuable money on one of these or not:

You Want Instant Hot Water

As we have mentioned earlier, most of the houses would have the heating system installed near a designated spot. And getting warm water that is far from that place would require some waiting. If you want to get instant hot water, then you should get one of these.

You Want Less Wastage of Water

Like we mentioned, these can recirculate the water efficiently from the heating system to the faucets and showerheads. As a result, the amount of wattage would be considerably low.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do recirculatory pumps take a lot of space?

It would depend. Not all of the units would have the same dimensions. While some of them would be compact, most of them would be big in size. However, if you are having doubts about whether you would be able to fit one of these in your system or not, you should opt for the compact and small units.

2. Will I be able to install one of these pumps by myself?

That would depend on the installation process of the unit that you are planning to buy. First of all, if it comes with all of the required installation hardware, the installation process would be a piece of cake for you. However, if you do not have any plumbing experience, we would recommend calling up an experienced plumber.

3. Can I find replacement parts for the recirculatory pumps?

Even though it is not guaranteed that you would be able to find the pump's main components, we can certainly guarantee you that you would be able to find the screws and the adapters pretty easily.

4. Should I worry about corrosion for the recirculatory pumps?

It will depend on the materials that the pump used for the core components. Most of them will feature a construction of corrosion and rust-resistant materials. If you happen to get one of them, you can stay completely worry-free in this regard.

5. Does water recirculatory pumps require a lot of maintenance?

Not really. In most cases, you would have to invest a little amount of time and effort in carrying out the maintenance process. Also, most of these would require maintaining and cleaning after three to four months.

Final Words

Waiting for the warm water to circulate through the entire system to reach the showers or other faucets is quite inconvenient. However, that problem can be easily solved by getting one of the best hot water recirculation pumps. And we hope that we were able to make the choosing process easier for you.

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