Best Gas Powered Water Pump Reviews 2023 – (Ranked)

Gas-powered water pumps have become quite popular due to their versatility and multi-functional purposes.

With a water pump like this, you can draw water from any source for various purposes. You can also use it to drain a territory, or even for watering your garden.

An ideal gas-powered water pump is truly a boon in any household.

When you’re shopping for a suitable water pump for your home, a lot of things need to be considered. Since they vary in terms of price and features, the selection can be quite difficult. So, we’ve come up with some of the best gas powered water pumps that you can choose from.

These pumps move water fast, efficiently, and they don’t use much power. Furthermore, the best part is that they don’t discriminate between dirty and clean water. They are suitable for both.

Top 5 Gas Powered Water Pump- Comparison



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1. Honda - General Purpose Water Pump

2. DuroMax, XP652WP

3. Champion 66520

4. XtremepowerUS 7HP

5. Generac 6821

What is a Gas-Powered Pump?

A gas-powered pump is a type of pump that applies the artificial lift method to pump water from different water sources. It is mostly used to drain water from pools, rivers, deep wells, or draining flooded water. Other than that, they are ideal in aquariums for water circulation.

There are 3 different types of gas-powered pumps, namely trash pumps, dewatering, and PTO pumps. The good thing about these pumps is that they can pump both clean and dirty water without clogging. Below we take you through a guide with the top 6 gas-powered water pumps.

6 Best Gas Powered Water Pumps Reviews To Buy

1. Honda - General Purpose 2-Inch Centrifugal Water Pump

Honda is one of the trusted brands in the world due to its excellent innovation and effectiveness of their products. Here we have a centrifugal water pump that will allow you to pump hassle-free from different water sources.

It provides you a good amount of water, and it has enough power that will help it handle even the most challenging conditions.

The pump has silicone carbide seals that are resistant to abrasion and wearing. Our water pump has a cast iron volute that reduces case wear, helping to increase durability and performance of the pump.

Honda has designed a 4-vane impeller that gives better performance and operation efficiency. The weight of this pump is 52 pounds, and it will not occupy much space when you want to store it. In addition, it is constructed of quality carbide that can withstand every day use and handle even the most challenging conditions.


  • It weighs 52 pounds
  • Features a cast iron volute for reducing case wear
  • Boasts silicone carbide seals
  • Made of quality and heavy-duty carbide
  • It has a heavy-duty frame for enough protection 


  • It is energy-efficient and powerful
  • Simple to start up
  • The pump is lightweight and compact 


  • This gas-powered pump is hard to assemble

In conclusion, our pump is simple to use, where you can operate it hassle-free even if you don’t have experience with these pumps.

2. DuroMax, XP652WP,

DuroMax is another brand that is powerful and reliable enough to draw water from lakes, pools, rivers, dredging, or use it to drain floods.

If you want a portable and economical pump for your professional or home tasks, DuroMax is the perfect pump to purchase. It has a quiet and smooth operating engine that provides enough power to pump water without any hassle.

The pump has a 1-gallon gas tank that provides a continuous operation of 4 hours before making a refill.

It has an EZ-pull recoil start system that gives you effortless startups without having to make multiple pulls. Our pump has an auto-shutoff off function that shuts it off automatically when the oil tank is low.

This is a powerful water pump with an overhead lift of up to 92ft. It is a lightweight model, and it can move up to 150-gallons per minute.

Moreover, you will find a cast-iron impeller and volute that gives ultimate durability. It has a sturdy roll frame that ensures maximum safety while you are storing the pump or in case you are using it in harsh environments.


  • It has a maximum flow rate of 158 GPM
  • Features a quiet and smooth operating motor
  • Boasts a 1-gallon gas tank with up to 4 hours of operation
  • Equipped with an EZ-pull recoil start system
  • Has an overhead lift of 92ft
  • Moves up to 150-gallons per minute
  • Features a sturdy frame for protection


  • It an economical and worth investing pump
  • The pump is powerful and operates quietly
  • Compact and durable
  • Great pump at a reasonable price 


  • The quality of pump connections and hardware is poor

Overall, this is a powerful, quiet-operating, affordable, and portable water pump that will suit all your water pumping needs.

3. Champion 66520 Gas-Powered Water Transfer Pump

This is a lightweight and compact water transfer pump that you can carry with your friend or handle it alone when positioning it. It comes with a 12ft intake hose and 20ft discharge hose, clamps, intake strainer, quick action coupler, adapters, and fittings.

Furthermore, it is an energy-efficient transfer pump that pumps up to 158 gallons per minute without causing any delays.

It is powered by a 96cc Champion engine with a large 0.9-gallon tank and 0.6-quart oil capacity.

Our pump can pass solid waste up to 9/16 inch in diameter and has a suction head of 26 feet and a total head of 98 feet. The unit features a durable steel frame that protects all the components from damage even when handling tough jobs.

Champion water transfer pump features a wheel kit with ever-inflated tires that never lose inflation so that you can move it from one project to the next. You will also find an included handle that allows you to carry the transfer pump easily.

In addition, Champion water transfer pump is constructed from lightweight aluminum that is resistant to rusting and corrosion for maximum durability and performance.


  • It is a lightweight water pump, weighing 66.1lb
  • Comes with everything you need for quick setup
  • Pumps up to 158 gallons per minute
  • Powered by 96cc Champion engine
  • Equipped with a durable steel frame for protection
  • Features a heavy-duty wheel kit with never-go flat tires
  • Made of lightweight aluminum 


  • It is resistant to rusting and corrosion
  • Designed to give you years of use without any defects
  • Great investments for heavy-duty jobs
  • Good pump for the price 


  • It takes time to assemble
  • The quality of the gasket is poor

Among the gas-powered pumps you can find in the market with a wheel system, Champion 66520 2-Inch Water Transfer Pump is one. It provides you maximum flexibility when doing your jobs.

4. XtremepowerUS 7HP Gas-Powered Transfer Pump

If you are looking for a powerful and energy-conserving water transfer pump, XtremepowerUS gas powered transfer pump is the best option.

The amount of water this pump can pump from different water sources is massive.

It is a perfect option to use during power outages and at remote jobsites. Our water transfer pump is a good option to use for water transfer, draining pools, floods, and many more.

The transfer pump has a cast iron volute and impeller with quality carbide seals that guarantee maximum durability. With this transfer pump, you can pump vast volumes of water without experiencing delays.

The pump has a welded rugged steel cage that gives the pump ultimate protection at your jobsite or when transporting it to your location. It has a heavy-duty base designed to maintain stability on all surfaces for you to have a convenient operation.


  • It has a cast iron volute and impeller
  • Pumps vast amounts of water
  • Features a welded rolled steel cage
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty base for maintaining stability
  • It has a low oil shut off and idle control
  • Comes with a detailed user manual 


  • An excellent choice for using in remote jobsites
  • It is easy to start and runs smoothly
  • The pump is versatile and tackles a wide range of jobs.
  • It is energy-efficient and reliable to use


  • The only problem with the pump is stability, making it difficult for you to position it in one position.

Overall, XtremepowerUS 7HP 3” Gas-Powered Transfer Pump versatile workhorse that will tackle a wide range of projects smoothly, and the heavy-duty construction makes it durable and reliable for everyday use.

5. Generac 6821 Clean Water Pump

Generac 6821 water pump is another model that is reliable for tough tasks, and it is an ideal choice for boat owners, gardeners, and homeowners.

It is powered by a Generac 79cc OHV engine that delivers the high-flow capacity required to handle most pumping jobs.

You can use it to remove standing water from your basement floor, empty window wells, drain swimming pools, you just name it.

The lightweight and compact construction of the Generac water pump allow you to take it anywhere your jobs lead you.

You will find simple to follow instructions with icons of main touchpoints to help you assemble and operate the pump hassle-free. Moreover, Generac 6821 water pump has color-coded suction and discharge ports that enable you to do the right hose connections.

It has a custom funnel design that makes priming quick and simple, and it has a handle with soft grips that allow you to carry it comfortably. This pump boasts a high precision carbon-ceramic seal that helps to increase durability.


  • Powered by a 79cc OHV engine
  • Boasts a heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Comes with a simple to follow instructions
  • Features a color-coded suction and discharge ports
  • Equipped with a custom funnel design
  • It has a handle with soft grips for simple carrying
  • Has a high precision carbon-ceramic seal 


  • The construction is compact and lightweight
  • Great unit for the price


  • Generac 6821 is a good water pump, but the engine quits too easily.

In a nutshell, Generac 6821 is one of the perfect models you can purchase if you are looking for a lightweight, compact, and simple to use water pump. The included instruction manual even makes your operation simpler and convenient.

6. Generac 6917 CW10K Clean Water Pump

Generac CW10K is an all-one lightweight pump that provides you with high-flow capacity to handle most pumping tasks.

It can pump up to 30 gallons of water per minute, and it has an integrated carry handle that makes it hassle-free to carry from one project to another.

You will find that it has instructions with icons of the main touchpoints that make it simple to operate.

The pump is built with a lightweight design that makes it simple to carry, and the compact construction makes it store without taking much space.

It has a quiet and smooth operating engine that provides enough power to pump water easily and fast. In addition, the pump has a handle with comfortable grips that allow you to take the pump where you want.


  • It has a quiet operating 79cc engine
  • Comes with instructions manual 
  • Pumps up to 30 gallons per minute
  • Has a compact and light construction
  • Features a handle with comfortable grips 


  • It is a portable and economical option
  • Lightweight design allows you take it where you need
  • The pump does not take much space for storage


  • The only drawback is that the included instructions are poor
  • It is not suitable for heavy-duty pumping jobs. 

Overall, if you want a portable and economical pump for your professional or home tasks, Generac 6917 is the perfect pump to purchase.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Gas-Powered Water Pump

Like any other product, you need to take your time before deciding on the gas-powered water pump to purchase. There are some important considerations to keep in mind before making your purchase.

This will ensure you purchase a model that will serve all your water pumping needs. Take a look at the considerations below.


When buying a gas-powered water pump, you need something to transport and move around with it easily. Most of the pumps you will find in the market have a compact design.

Consider the water pumps with handles or roll cage to help you simplify the carrying job. Others come with a wheel system, but you have to spend some extra cash. Water pumps equipped with wheels are flexible to move around.


Secondly, you need to determine the amount of water you want to move and at what rate. Gas-powered pumps are mostly chosen depending on the intended task you want it for.

For you to know the exact size you want, look at the GPM/PSI ratings, water height, and inlet/outlet size. Furthermore, look at the GPM, which is the rate at which the water will flow from it’s source to the discharge pint. It is measured in gallons.


Most brands have a certain period they think their product will last if well maintained. Consider a model with a long coverage as it will save you more money if the pump gets damaged.

However, for the warranty to be honored, you need to make sure you maintain the pump perfectly to prevent frustrations if the pump starts having defects.


Keeping in mind that gas-powered pumps are not exactly that cheap, you need to set a budget for yourself. For sure, there are a wide range of options with different price points. No matter your budget, I am sure our guide above has a model that will suit your budget.

If you decide to invest in an expensive model, you will be guaranteed a product that is convenient to use and powerful. Still, you can get yourself a cheap pump that will function perfectly, though lacking some advanced functions in expensive models.

Who Needs a Gas-Powered Water Pump?

A gas-powered water pump is a great unit that can be used by any boat owner, gardener, and homeowner. This water pump can draw water from lakes, pools, rivers or use it to drain flooded water.

Besides, it is a good choice that replaces electric pumps, making it a must-have in remote areas or doing your task in areas with no electricity. Despite it using gas, the amount of power it generates can amount to an electric pump.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas-Powered Water Pump

Q: How do I know the correct pump size to purchase?

A: Choosing the best pump size is always determined by the amount of water you need to pump and how fast you need it to pump.

Q: Is there any need to drain the pump after ever use?

A: Yes. Draining your pump helps to prevent the chances of corrosion and prevent freezing during the winter season. With a frozen pump, the housing will crack hence affecting performance and durability.

Q: Are there any effects of a pump running dry?

A: Actually, there are many effects of letting a pump run dry, and the results are not good at all. Making a pump run dry can cause overheating or a surge in pressure flow, leading to pump failure. Therefore, never let this happen at all costs.

Q: Which type of pump is ideal for clean water?

A: For clean water, always go for centrifugal pumps because they have narrow impeller vanes. Clean water is debris-free, and a centrifugal pump is the only pump that can handle it.

Bottom Line

It can be concluded that gas-powered water pumps can be very useful for any household, since they offer a wide range of services. You can definitely benefit a lot from them, as you don’t have to look for separate pumps for watering your plants or drawing water.

Since their use is diverse, their selection involves research as well. Our categorization of individual features of all the best gas powered water pumps will help you make the right pick.

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