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How do you maintain the cleanliness of your feet? There are many options you can have to keep your feet maintained and cleaned all the time. All the options you use may work well, but a best foot scrubber works better.

Foot scrubbers are designed for washing your foot where they reach every point on your foot to keep it clean. They are made with different designs where some are designed for stacking on a bathtub while others are suited for shower floors.

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You have to know where you want the scrubber to be used to avoid buying a product that will not suit you. A good scrubber should also be safe and easy to use to avoid injuries at the bathroom.

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1. The FootMate System Foot Scrubber

2. Shower Foot Scrubber

3. Foot scrub Brush-Feet scrubber

4. Bath Blossom Bamboo Bath scrubber

5. Easy Feet Foot Cleaner

What is a Foot Scrubber

A foot scrubber is a cleaning device that functions as pumice where it is shaped like a slipper. The scrubber works in a very simple way where you stick it on the shower floor or bathtub then slide your feet into it.

It is also not just for cleaning your feet but also helps you to maintain your stability in the shower. Foot scrubbers are equipped with suction pads that are easily stacked on the surface of your shower floor or tub where they have a powerful base that keeps the scrubber positioned.

They use bristles to scrub between your toes where they also soothe your lower part of the foot to give you a comfortable feeling. Most of the foot scrubbers have built-in pumice stones located at the back of the scrub where the pumice exfoliates your foot and removes the dead skin.

The scrubber helps you clean your foot when standing and without bending where it is very hard to slip off and fall. They are built with different designs where some are suited for sticking on bathtubs while others are for shower floors.

So if you want to buy a foot scrubber, you have to know where you a want a scrubber for bathtub or shower floor. When it comes to cleaning, the scrubbers are very easy to clean because soap that accumulates inside the bristles helps you to rinse easily without much work.

Top 6 Best Foot Scrubbers - In Depth Reviews

1. Footmate System Foot Scrubber

This scrubber is well-designed where it reaches every part of your foot easier than other brushes. It is equipped with an inner brush that helps to soothe your soles and firm bristles that help to treat your rough feet. The scrubber is designed in a way that you will go into the bathroom or shower and wash your feet without bending.

You can use this scrubber as a gift to people with back problems, elderly, athletes, and pregnant women. To enhance durability, it has quality bristles, mildew, and stain resistant materials that enhance durability. For enhancing safety when using it, it has a non-skid base that keeps the scrubber positioned even on a slippery floor.

With this scrubber, you can avoid having bad odors into your foot because it cleans between your toes very well. If you have regular use of this scrubber, your blood flow and circulation on the feet will improve.


  • Features an anti-slip base
  • Mildew resistant
  • Made from quality materials
  • Keeps your foot healthy
  • Easy to use without bending
  • Improves blood circulation in your feet


  • Healthy and safe to use
  • Quality product
  • Great quality


  • The bristles are not stiff

2. Shower Foot Massager Scrubber

This scrubber will massage your achy and tired feet to make you comfortable after a long day of working or walking. It is equipped with hundreds of scrubbing bristles that help to scrub your feet and reach every point to make you bacteria free and comfortable.

The bristles get even into hard to reach areas between your toes where you will not need to bend. With this foot scrubber, you will be able to improve your leg and feet blood circulation so that you can stay healthy. Has a non-skid base that holds strong on the ground even if the floor is slippery.

This scrubber helps to fight foot odor and athletes foot where you can use your favorite foot wash and combine with tree tea oil to scrub away fungus and foot odor. It comes at an affordable price that suits your budget needs.


  • Equipped with hundreds of cleaning bristles
  • Improves your leg and foot blood circulation
  • Fights foot odor and athletes foot
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Perfect foot massager
  • Has a non-skid base


  • Well-designed
  • Affordable


  • No issues found

3. Foot Scrub Brush-Feet Scrubber

This scrubber uses high-quality bristles that help to clean and massage your feet to improve blood circulation. It is easy to use where one foot can be massaging while the other one is pressing the suction cups tongue to keep the brush into position.

If you are always wearing high heels or flip-flops, this foot brush helps to soothe and massage your tired feet. It is made from a quality steel material that enhances the durability of the brush.

You can use it as a gift to your mother, boyfriend, girlfriend, father and yourself to keep your feet healthy.

If your feet have hard cocoon, dead skin, and scrubs, this foot scrub is a perfect choice for you. It is an ideal choice for people with a limited movement where it makes your foot cleaning an easy task. After using it, it is easy to wash it and hang to dry.

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  • Has high-quality bristles
  • Easy to use in the shower
  • Improves your feet blood circulation
  • The perfect gift to family members and friends
  • Ideal for people with limited movement
  • Equipped with suction cups
  • Made to be durable


  • Durable
  • Quality product
  • Easy to wash after use


  • No issues found

4. Bath Blossom Foot Scrubber Brush

This scrubber has powerful bristles that are made from durable materials where the bristles can be used for a long time without bending. It has a powerful base that makes it ideal for use on smooth shower floors.

The scrubber helps to exfoliate dead skin and keep it strong and smooth. It helps to improve blood circulation where it gives a massaging effect around the feet and gives relaxation to the feet muscles.

The scrubber comes with a hanging hook that helps

you to keep the brush in even the tight spaces in your bathroom. You can use this scrubber as a present to your pregnant wife, grandpa, grandma, and a person with an athlete problem.


  • Have powerful bristles
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Helps to exfoliate your dead skin
  • Improves your blood circulation


  • Easy to use
  • Quality scrubber


  • Poorly designed suction cups

5. Easy Feet Foot Cleaner

This scrubber has over 1000 bristles that help you to easily scrub and soothe your legs. It reaches every point around your foot to prevent your feet from bad odors. It is equipped with suction cups at the bottom that help to hold the scrubber on the floor to enhance an easy scrubbing time.

The scrubber features a detachable stone that is smooth to soothe your legs slowly. You can easily clean your foot with this scrubber by slipping your foot in and out of it. With this scrubber, it is like getting a pedicure every day. It is made from a heavy duty plastic material that enhances durability.


  • Features a detachable stone
  • Have over 1000 bristles
  • Equipped with suction cups for providing stability
  • Reaches every point around your foot
  • Excellent cleaner


  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Bristles are very thin and sharp
  • Design

6. Soapy Soles Foot Scrubber

With this brush, you can easily clean your feet without bending or twisting. It has over 1500 massaging bristles that soothe your foot and enhance the maximum flow of blood. It is a perfect choice for anyone with hip, knee, or back problems, aged, and expectant mothers.

The scrubber suctions to the floor of your tub or shower without slipping. It is made of a polyvinyl material that enhances the durability of the brush. It comes at an affordable price that suits your financial needs. The scrubber is safe to use on any floor because it has a non-skid base that allows you to scrub your feet easily without slipping. Top 5 Body Scrubber Reviews


  • Have over 1500 massaging bristles
  • Suctions to the floor shower
  • Well-priced
  • Safe to use on any floor
  • Well-built brush


  • Affordable
  • Well-designed


  • No issues found

6 Things to Look when Choosing a Foot Scrubber

1. Ease of use

Most of the foot scrubbers are designed in a way that it will be hassle-free when scrubbing your feet. The scrubber should be well-designed such that an older adult or anyone will back problems will use it without struggling.

Avoid buying a scrubber that does not stick firmly to the surface because you can fall easily. Mostly choose the scrubbers with suctions cups that can be easily attached on a shower floor surface or bathtub.

2. Bristles

The bristles of a scrubber determine how effective will your feet will be cleaned. Most of the foot scrubbers have bristles ranging between 1000 to 1500 bristles. They should be long enough to get through between your toes to remove all the bacteria. Smoothness is also another thing the bristles should possess so that they give you a soothing feeling and make you feel comfortable.

3. Material

Foot scrubbers are made from different materials like terra cotta, rubber, and bristles. Most of the scrubbers made from rubber do not attract mildew and dries quickly after washing. Those made from terra cotta are hard to tear out to enhance durability.

The ones made from bristles enhance maximum cleanup in between your toes and enhance maximum blood flow. Therefore, you to know which material you want in the foot scrubber you want to buy.

4. Design

This is one element you can’t overlook. You should consider the design of the foot scrubber regarding storage and your bathroom theme. The scrubber should have a compact design to enable easy storage.

Again, you don’t want to get something that looks out of place in your bathroom. You should therefore choose a scrubber that best matches the design of your bathroom.

5. Safety

A good scrubber should also be safe to use to avoid injuries at the bathroom. You are looking to make your feet clean and healthy not to encounter other additional medical bills in treating injuries resulting from the use of a foot scrubber.

6. Pricing

When considering the price of a foot scrubber, let the quality dictate the price. However, that doesn’t guarantee that the higher the price, the better the quality. You need to compare the features and properties of a foot scrubber with the selling price. This will increase your chances of getting a great deal.

Who Needs a Foot Scrubber and why?

This scrubber is a perfect choice for the expectant mum, grandpas, grandmas, and people with athlete problem, back pain, or anyone who always want to keep his feet clean at times. The scrubber reaches every point around your leg, and this helps you to clean your foot without bending or twisting your back.

The other reason as to why many people may want to have a Best Foot Scrubber, it is because it soothes your foot and enhances the maximum flow of blood in your feet. Foot scrubbers are also ideal for those people who show off their feet for a living because the scrubber helps to keep your feet healthy and smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Can these scrubbers work in a tub?

Answer: Yes…But it depends on the model you are having though most of them are best in showers.

2. Question: Do the scrubbers clean in between the toes well?

Answer: Absolutely yes, the scrubbers have bristles that are long to get through your toes.

3. Question: Do the scrubbers stick on a textured shower floor?

Answer: Yes… It has suction cups that are very sturdy and stable to hold on the shower floor such that even an older adult can use it comfortably.

4. Question: How do you clean this product?

Answer: It a very easy task. You rinse with water in the tub, and because it has accumulated soap, cleaning is even easier. There are some foot scrubbers with hooks that enable you to hang them for drying.


Keeping your feet clean always help you to avoid the shame of having bad odors in your shoes. To achieve this, you need to have a Best feet scrubber that will help you to clean and reach every point on your legs. Dirt mostly builds up in between the toes, and if not cleaned well, you can end up having bacteria that bring bad odors to your feet.

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