6 Best Floor Scrubbers Reviews 2023 (Updated List)

Unless you live in a fancy mansion and pay people to do your housework, you know that a lot goes into maintaining household cleanliness. And if you've chosen not to install carpeting, then keeping the floor clean can be particularly annoying.

That's why you need the best floor scrubber. A scrubber of high quality and good design can shorten your cleaning time significantly, and keep your home interiors in tip-top shape for longer.

There are many models in the market, though, and not all of them are worth buying. So, which scrubber is right for you?

We've done the research, so you don't have to. Our top 6 picks are reviewed below, along with a helpful buying guide!

Maintaining cleanliness in your home is not an easy task especially if your time is always fixed. Still, the cost of paying a maid is still high where sometimes your things can be damaged. With a floor scrubber, you will avoid all these problems and wash your house comfortably.

Floor scrubbers are designed to make your work easy where you will not take a lot of time to clean. They eliminate all the tough stains on your surfaces within the shortest time. When you want to buy a floor scrubber, consider choosing one of the quality products in the guide below.

5 Best Scrubbers for Floor Comparison

Editors 1st Choice

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Our Ratings

Manufacturer: Hoover

Editors 3RD Choice

MEIBEI Floor Scruber

Our Ratings

Manufacturer: MEIBEI

What is a Floor Scrubber?

A floor scrubber is a type of cleaning tool that is used to scrub floors to eliminate oils, debris, grease, and tough stains. Using a floor scrubber is more hygienic than using the normal cleaning methods because a floor scrubber eliminates every stain and dirt that cannot be eliminated with normal cleaning. Floor scrubbers are powered by a battery or motor.

They are designed to clean hard to reach areas like corners, ceiling, and tight spaces. Floor scrubbers use powerful brush heads with sturdy and flexible bristles that can be used on any surface. They come at different prices, designs, and materials where you have to choose a scrubber that will suit all your needs. 

List of 6 Best Floor Scrubbers Reviews

1. Homitt Electric Spin floor Scrubber reviews

With this scrubber, you can say goodbye to scrubbing tough stains manually and save more of your time.

This spin scrubber powers up to 300RPM where this power and that of the battery enable you to clean your tough stained surfaces faster and easily.

It is equipped with 4 replaceable brush heads that can be used to clean tile, kitchen, tub, grout, toilet, ceiling, walls, windows, baseboard, and many other surfaces in your home.

The scrubber is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery where it takes 3.5 hours to attain full charge, and this charge can run up to 50 minutes without shutting down.

It has a 360-degree high rotate speed that enables you to scrub even the toughest stains and give you a longer working duration. The brushes can also be interchanged for multipurpose uses to get rid of mildew, grime, and soap scum.

All the brushes have durable and flexible bristles that can get into crevices and cracks with high cleaning power. To make your washing easy without bending or kneeling,

it has an extension arm, adjustable brushes, and 21-inch extendable handle. Because this scrubber is flexible and easy to use, you can give it to your family members and friends as a gift. You can store it easily because it has detachable parts.


  • Powers up to 300RPM
  • Has 4 replaceable brush heads
  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Features brushes with flexible bristles
  • Has a rotating speed of 360 degrees


  • Easy storage
  • Multi-purpose
  • Flexible


  • Have some problems with battery charging

2. Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber and Polisher

This cleaner offers you quality results where it is good for cleaning and polishing any surface in your home. It weighs 7lbs, and due to its lightweight design, it is easy to carry and store.

The lightweight design also allows you to wash many rooms without feeling tired. To make sure you get rid of any stain from your surfaces, it has twinned brushes that have flexible and durable bristles for countering tough stains and bristles.

With this scrubber, no sprays or liquids will be required where you only spray the surface cleaner and let it do the job. The brushes of the scrubber turn at 470RPM where this power is enough to clean any stain and debris.

The scrubber is equipped with heavy duty and durable wheels that can move on the surface of your tiles and carpet without making scratches. It is uniquely designed where it is the first to use microfiber cleaning technology.


  • Good for any surface
  • Easy to carry because it is lightweight
  • Have twinned brushes with flexible bristles
  • Equipped with heavy duty and durable wheels
  • Uniquely designed
  • Turns at 470RPM


  • Well-designed
  • Durable
  • Easy to use and carry


  • It is too much light.

3. MEBEI Floor Scrub with Adjustable Long Handle

This scrubber has a brush head that is wide with thick bristles where the bristles perfect for all surfaces because the bristles cannot tear off.

The bristles can regain their shape after every cleaning to increase durability. It has a long and adjustable handle that allows prevent you from getting into contact with chemicals during cleaning.

The handle also helps you to reach the difficult to wash areas without using much energy. You can also remove the handle or adjust it from 31” to 41.3” to clean high surfaces and prevent your back from injuries.

The brush head and the handle are well-connected such that it is always tight and hard to loosen. It can be used for washing the kitchen, sidewalk, bathroom, garage, walls, and many other places.

Carrying and storage are easy because it is made with light design. Due to its power and efficiency, it suits industrial and commercial environments like stadiums, hotels, offices, and garages, and airports.


  • Ideal for household cleaning
  • Features a sturdy and adjustable handle
  • Has a wide brush head with thick bristles
  • Light for easy carrying and storage


  • Light 
  • High scrubbing power
  • Strong bristles
  • Easy to use and handle


  • Too small for floor tiles
  • Has some handle problems

4. Zoom TV Spin Maid – Rechargeable, Cordless, Powered Floor Scrub

The scrubber is rechargeable and cordless where this enables you to easily clean your house with one hour with one single charge.

It has cleaning pads that can be changed easily and be reused. This cleaner can clean all surfaces that are stained because it has high scrubbing power.

You can choose which cleaning pad to use whether you are doing the normal cleaning or deep cleaning.

The scrubber is easy to use where you only spray a detergent on the stained area and let the scrubber do its job. It is equipped with spinning heads that clean all the dirt easily.


  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Have changeable cleaning pads
  • Cleans all surfaces
  • Simple to operate
  • Has dual spinning heads
  • Good price


  • Affordable
  • Works better on tiles
  • Lightweight


  • It needs more power.

5. Electric Spin Scrubber Turbo Powerful Cleaning Brush

This scrubber spins up to 300RPM where this power is enough to remove the stubborn stains from your surfaces.

To make sure the head cleans every point that is stained thoroughly, it has a brush head with the high rotating speed of up to 360 degrees. Due to its cordless design, it makes your cleaning more easy and convenient.

In case you want to use it under wet conditions, it is safe to use because it is waterproof. The spinner comes with 3 brush heads that are detachable where they are powerful to handle any surface.

They have sturdy and flexible bristles that can be used on many occasions without tearing off. If you are tired of kneeling and bending when cleaning, choose this scrubber because it has a handle that can be adjusted up to 40-inches to help you reach high areas and tiny corners. You can use the clean as a gift to those people with back and shoulder problems.


  • Spins up to 300RPM
  • Has a brush head with a rotating speed of 360 degrees
  • Cordless design
  • Features 3 brush heads
  • Has an adjustable handle


  • Cordless
  • Flexible


  • Not that powerful
  • Low-quality battery

6. Floor Scrub Brush wish Removable Handle

This scrubber has a removable and extendable brush that gives you an easy time when cleaning higher surfaces.

Due to its lightweight design, you can easily carry it from one room to another. The handle rotates through 180 degrees to provide you with different cleaning angles.

This scrub is multipurpose where you can use it to clean the tub, tile, narrow spaces, hardwood surfaces, glass, narrow spaces, and bathrooms.

The brush head of this scrubber has powerful bristles that enable the brush to scrub with only water without the need of detergents. For easy assembling, it has easy to follow steps to make assembly work stress-free.


  • Lightweight design
  • The handle rotates through 180 degrees
  • Multipurpose
  • Has a brush head with powerful bristles
  • Made of durable materials


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for all surfaces
  • Simple to use


  • Not durable
  • Have some problems with the handle

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Floor Scrubber

If you love cleaning, a floor scrubber may be the best way to get the job done. There are many right floor scrubbers currently in the market where deciding on what to buy can be confusing. If you are looking for a floor scrubber, consider the factors below.

Maintenance costs

Most of the floor scrubbers require a lot of maintenance. The blades, brushes, pads, and handles need to be replaced time by time to make sure you scrubber functions well. If you use your scrubber many times, you will be required to maintenance work time by time to enhance durability.

Also, if the scrubber is intended for scrubbing tough floors, the brush heads need to be replaced to prevent the bristles from tearing off. Therefore, when preparing your budget, you have to include the maintenance costs to make your scrubber durable.


Any time you think of buying a floor scrubber, think about portability. Cleaning involves going around your house where you have to use a scrubber that will not make you tired. You should be able to lift the scrubber high so that you can clean the high to reach areas using the adjustable handle.

A scrubber that is mobile and lightweight will make your work fast and easy. When you use a heavy floor scrubber, you will only clean a small area because your movement is limited. You can also get fatigue before even cleaning the intended area.

User friendliness

The purpose of buying a floor scrubber is to make your work easy. If you know the scrubber you want to buy will give you problems, there is no need of buying it. Also, a good scrubber should be easy to use to save on the time you can use to learn how to use it.

It should be simple to operate such that everyone in the house can use it because you may not be the only one who needs to use it. Therefore, look for a simple, versatile, and convenient scrubber for easy operation.


A good scrubber should always be noise free to give you a cool working environment. Mostly, floors scrubbers are powered by batteries or motors where you have to know which is cool to use.

Consider mostly the ones that are powered by rechargeable batteries because they are always noise free. A scrubber that produces a lot of noise when functioning can give you a hard time to concentrate on your job.


If you want your work to be easy and fast, look for a scrubber with a rechargeable battery or motor. Most of the scrubbers use rechargeable batteries that can run up to 1 hour after attaining a full charge.

Others have energy efficient motors that generate up to 300RPM to help you clean faster. The power should be strong such that the rotating power will be increased as a result.

The rotating power determines how fast your scrubber will eliminate the tough stains. A scrubber with low rotating power can take more of your time when trying to clean. The power should be strong such that the bristles scrub faster on the floor.


This should be the first thing in your mind because it determines which scrubber to buy. If you are financially stable, you can buy the high priced scrubbers because they are made from durable materials that enhance durability. When you buy a durable scrubber, it will prevent you from replacing new products time by time.


It is always good to buy something that you will enjoy using. You should find a scrubber with an adjustable handle that will enable you to clean high and hard to reach areas comfortably.

The handle helps to keep you comfortable where you can wash without bending or kneeling. The handle should also be non-slippery such that you can easily hold it even when wet.

Therefore, when you want to look for a floor scrubber, shop for something that you will be comfortable when using.

Who needs a Floor Scrubber and why?

Have you been washing your house manually by scrubbing on the floor using a brush. Worry no more because a floor scrubber is here to help you. A floor scrubber uses strong brush heads with strong and flexible bristles that help you clean all your rooms in your house easily.

Also, it can be ideal for those people with back because it has an adjustable handle that enables you to clean without kneeling or bending.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

After how long do I have to replace the brush heads?

If the surface you are scrubbing is tough, the brush bristles will lose shape where you will be needed to replace them. The way you maintain the brushes after every job will determine how long the floor scrub will serve you.

For example, if you clean soft surfaces every day, you can replace the heads after one week.

Can I use a floor scrubber to clean a bathtub without scratching it?

The bristles in a floor scrub head are soft and flexible where no scratching can be seen. But you should never try to wash the tub with a brush head that ha tough bristles.

How does a floor scrubber work on hardwood floors?

It works well. A floor scrubber has microfiber pads that get the job done where you only spray your best detergent and let the scrubber do its job.

Which is the best liquid to wash the scrubbers after use?

Any liquid can work. You can also do it without a detergent because it has already accumulated soap where you can rinse in a bathtub. Hot water is most preferred because it gets rid of all chemicals that were used during cleaning.

How noisy is a floor scrubber when functioning?

A floor scrubber works very quietly unless the surface it is working on becomes tougher when cleaning. A floor scrubber is powered either by a motor or rechargeable battery where both power options provide a quiet operation. Though there are some models that produce noise when functioning.


Using the best floor scrubber can make your life much easier when it comes to keeping your home clean, be it for the bathroom, kitchen, or any other non-carpeted floor surface.

Remember, with the right maintenance and proper techniques, the right scrubber can last for quite a long time. So, remember to rinse it with hot water after each cleaning session. And it's also important to use the right cleaning agents with the scrubber.

We wish you a clean, happy and healthy home. Good luck!

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