Best Battery Backup Sump Pumps Reviews 2023 (Ranked)

Usually, basements stay way below the ground level. And water is something that will flow through the lower levels pretty quickly. That is why those floors are prone to flooding.

And you might have already faced one of those scenarios where your basement flooded to the brim when a heavy rain occurred. Also, there is a high chance that you had to spend a lot of money for the water damage that the flooding has caused.

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Well, if you had one of the best battery backup sump pumps, you could have easily prevented both the flooding and the damages it has caused. Now, you might not even have an idea about what we are talking about here, and you might be pretty clueless about the models that are out there. Well, that is why we are here for.

Best Submersible Sump Pump With Battery Backup - Compared




Motor Power

Check Price

Wayne ESP25

Cast Iron

1/3 HP

Wayne WSS30VN

Cast Iron

1/2 HP



1 HP


Cast Iron

1/2 HP

PumpSpy PS2000


1/2 HP

What is a Battery Backup Sump Pump?

First of all, let us fill you in about what regular sump pumps are. They are one of the water extraction tools that are installed under the basement or on the top floor. These usually consist of a motor, an intake pipe, and a dispensing tube.

They are typically activated using a floating switch, which sends the signal to the engine when the water level is above the basement ground level.

And the motor gets activated, it will suck all of the water from the ground through the intake line and disperse it to the exhaust pipe. Also, the battery backup version has an additional cell, which will enable the tool to do all of that work even when there is a power outage.

List of 6 Best Battery Backup Sump Pumps Reviews

There are plenty of sump pumps in the market that are capable of being powered on using a battery. But not all of them would be worth the money that you would have to spend on them.

To make sure that you do not end up making a wrong purchase decision, we would like to introduce you to the ones that we believe are worth recommending. They are:

1. Wayne ESP25 Battery Backup Sump Pumps Reviews

Wayne has been way ahead in the competition when it comes to offering the best basement sump pump with battery backup. And they did not fail to amaze us with this unit that they are offering.

Let us talk about the overall construction first. The unit is entirely plastic-free. It has a body that is of epoxy steel, and the base is of cast iron. Both of the materials are heavy-duty and allows the device to achieve a high level of durability.

It packs an alarm mechanism that will give you a heads up when the internal components start malfunctioning. As a result, the chances of the parts getting damaged would be pretty slim. The LED light that the system has is also placed at a convenient place.

Aside from that, the impeller that the package includes is resistant to rust and corrosions. That will ensure that the flow of water is consistent. Also, the unit has a 2700 GPH rating, which is reasonably high. And the battery case includes a LED display that will display the charge and other battery-related information.


  • Features a plastic-free overall construction
  • Has a 2700 GPH rating
  • Sports an audible alarm mechanism
  • Comes with a battery case that has a built-in LED display
  • Included impeller can resist rust and corrosion


  • Charging circuit of the case is not that reliable
  • Equips a flimsy discharge outlet

2. Wayne WSS30VN Reviews

Are you looking for the best rated sump pump with battery backup? Well, you can stop your search here because Wayne is got the thing you were looking for all this time.

To start with, it comes fully pre-assembled. That means you would not have to go through the hassle of assembling all of the intricate parts by yourself. Also, the installation procedure of the unit is pretty much hassle-free. You would be able to set it up in your plumbing system within minutes.

Alongside that, the floating switch that it comes along with is highly efficient as well. Wayne has vigorously tested it to provide the best performance. And the power cord that it includes is 8 feet long, which means you would not have to worry about not finding a power outlet near your plumbing system.

Other than that, the unit packs two motors. One of them can move liquid at up to 5100 GPH, and the other one can do up to 2900 GPH. As a result, you would not have to wait that long to completely dry off your basement after flooding occurs.


  • Comes fully pre-assembled
  • Requires a straightforward installation process
  • Includes an 8 feet power cord
  • Packs two powerful motors
  • Features a highly efficient floating switch


  • The outlet threading is made of cheap plastic
  • Has a poorly executed alarm system 


While looking for the best deep cycle battery for backup sump pump, you are going to stumble upon plenty of units. But there will be only a few that would be able to provide you this much GPH as this one can offer.

To start with, it comes with a reasonably powerful motor that can move up to 2000 gallons in an hour at 0 feet lift. However, when the lifting height is increased to 10 feet, the rated GPT is 1000, which is still higher than what most of the other units can offer.

Aside from that, the battery management controller that it has is quite efficient. Regardless of the type of cells that you are going to install in these, you are going to get days of pumping power.

That means even if the power outage lasts for a couple of days, you wouldn’t have that much to worry about. On that note, it is compatible with both the wet cells and AGM cells.

It also comes with two individual floating switches, which is going to lower the possibilities of it not starting in any of the scenarios. Also, it boasts a built-in 24 hours monitoring system.


  • Compatible with multiple battery types
  • Can pump at 2000 GPH at 0 lifting feet
  • Has an efficient cell management controller
  • Packs two floating switches
  • Comes with a monitoring system


  • Some of the packages arrive with damaged parts
  • The power cord is not that lengthy


Ever wondered that pumps could have WiFi modems inside them? Well, yes, they did advance quite far. And if you find that interesting, you should see what this one from WAYNE has to offer.

Unlike some of the other units that are out there, this one does not have any sort of dedicated controller on the body. Instead of that, it utilizes the WiFi modem to send information to your smartphones. With the app, you will be able to see the unit's overall status and monitor other operations as well.

Alongside that, it comes with two individual submersible pumps. Both of them have a dedicated cast iron housing that makes them exceptionally sturdy.

And as the material can naturally resist rust and corrosion, you would not have to worry about the overall durability that much. In fact, this one is the best submersible sump pump with battery backup that you can buy.

Plus, the battery that these utilize is quite high in capacity as well. With one full charge, it will be able to move up to 11000 gallons of water. And to add a cherry on the top, the installation process is reasonably straightforward.


  • Packs a built-in WiFi for monitoring purposes
  • Comes with two submersible pumps
  • Can move 11000 gallons of liquid with one full charge
  • Easy to install and easy to monitor
  • Capable of resisting rust and corrosions


  • Discharge outlet does not have proper threading
  • Tends to overcharge the battery

5. Weize 12V 75AH Deep Cycle Battery

There is a high possibility that you might already own a sump pump, and you are looking for the best battery backup for the existing sump pump. Well, in that case, you should take a look at what Weize is offering here.

To start with, it utilizes the AGM cells that do not require any sort of maintenance. That means you would not have to worry about the hassles that come with most of the alkaline batteries. Also, because of being ideal for deep cycles, you can expect it to provide backup power to your device for an extended amount of time.

The housing that it has is quite sturdy. It is made of high-quality materials, which lowers the chances of it leaking. You can expect to get an extended service out of it. Also, because of the constant output of voltage, it would be able to make the device work appropriately and allow it to offer the maximum rated GPH.

Alongside that, it is directly compatible with most of the WAYNE models. You would be able to make it work with the other sump pump models that are out there.


  • Utilizes AGM cells that are maintenance-free
  • Can output constant voltage throughout the battery cycle
  • Resistant to leaking
  • Directly compatible with most of the Wayne models
  • Housing features a construction of sturdy materials


  • Does not include any wirings or mounting hardware
  • Battery life tends to degrade over time

6. PumpSpy PS2000

We have got another battery backup system that integrates a Wi-Fi chip. But the app on this one is a bit refined than the one that we talked about earlier.

First of all, the unit packs a Wi-Fi chip that is going to let you monitor the overall state of the system. You will be able to monitor whether all the parts are functioning properly or not during operations.

However, the app that it utilizes will offer you instant alerts when anything goes wrong. You would not have to monitor it manually.

Aside from that, the housing that the motors have is pretty solid. It is made of durable and sturdy materials, which will enable them to last for an extended amount of time without showing any issues.

Other than that, the battery that it integrates has a high capacity as well. It would be able to move up to 1300 gallons with a full charge. And the motors are capable of moving 2990 gallons in an hour at 5 feet lift. For the constant voltage output, the GPH rating is going to stay constant throughout the cycle.


  • Integrates an efficient Wi-Fi chip
  • Bundles with an innovative and highly advanced app
  • Battery can provide backup for moving up to 1300 gallons
  • Features sturdy housing for the motors
  • Able to pump up to 2990 gallons in an hour


  • The Wi-Fi range is a bit weak
  • Can not resist rust and corrosions that well

How to Find the Right Battery Backup Sump Pump?

Going through the reviews will not be enough if you really want to get one of the well-performing ones. For that, you would have to keep some factors in mind alongside the reviews. The points that we are talking about are as follows:


First and foremost, you need to consider the motors that the unit is going to come with. For most of the cases, they are going to be well capable, but there are many that are not really that powerful.

And in the case of power, what you need to factor in is the amps. The higher the amps, the more powerful the motors are going to be.

Alongside the power, you should also consider whether the motors are efficient or not. As these are going to utilize battery power, you would be able to get longer runtime with efficient motors. For that reason, we would recommend you shoot for the ones with a higher level of efficiency.


Most of the kits are going to be a standalone battery type. For those kits, you will have to install the battery to your existing sump pump. And you will need to consider whether the current unit that you have is compatible with the cell or not.

If you happen to get something that is incompatible, you would have a useless battery lying in the basement, which would not be that much of a cost-efficient decision.

Controller Unit

The controller board is what is going to allow you to monitor the overall state of the battery and the motor. You would be able to see whether the cell is charged enough or not and whether the other components are working adequately. Without a proper controller board, you would not be able to do all of that.

Other than that, many will incorporate a Wi-Fi modem. With those, you would be able to monitor the device wirelessly and from a farther distance. You would not have to get to your basement just to check whether the unit is operating optimally or not.

However, you need to make sure that the app is refined, or else you are going to have trouble monitoring the machine.

Alongside that, ensure that the Wi-Fi signal can be accessed from a far distance. If the Wi-Fi chip is not that strong enough, you would have to get closer to the basement just to connect with the device.

Charging Mechanism

Most of the units are going to utilize AGM cells. And if they are not charged properly, the battery would degrade relatively quickly.

When that does occur, you would have to replace the cells, which means spending extra money. For that reason, you need to ensure that the unit can charge the cells adequately and does not overcharge the cells.


Another thing that you need to consider is the capacity of the batteries. The higher the capacity, the longer the runtime is going to be.

And considering that there are possibilities that the power outage can last for more than one or two days, you would want to get something that has a higher capacity. With those, the device would be able to run for multiple days without any issues.

GPH Rating

The GPH rating is going to rely on the power of the cell and the power of the motor as well. If you happen to get something that has a powerful motor, but the battery cannot offer the power to the motor, the GPH rating would be pretty low.

Considering that, if you want to move all of the accumulated water in a short amount of time, you would have to factor in the power of both the components. The power of the battery is generally stated as Ah. And the higher that number is, the more powerful the cell is going to be.

Benefits of Having This Item

The battery backup version of the unit offers the same benefits as the regular versions but adds a few cherries on the top. That being said, the advantages that you are going to enjoy after getting this item are as follows:

Prevents Flooding

As we have mentioned above, the basement floors are prone to water accumulation. And with one of these installed on that floor, you would be able to prevent that from happening. Alongside that, you will also avoid the water damages that might occur when that flooding happens.

Protects the Electrical Lines

For most of the housings, the electrical lines are going to be on the basement floor. And electrical lines and water does not go that well. So, you can prevent electrical accidents from occurring during flooding and heavy rain seasons by getting one of these.

Reduces the Chances of Mold and Mildew Growth

Water accumulation can promote mildew and mold growth. And molds and mildews in the basement means your upper floors are not going to be that much hygienic. Well, you can prevent that from happening by installing these.

Stay Worry-free During Power Outages

As these are battery-powered, you would not have to worry about them when a power outage does occur. That means these will operate adequately even when the power lines are cut due to extreme flooding and heavy rains.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Battery Backup Sump Pumps

It goes without saying that if you want to get the most out of something, you would have to take proper care of it and maintain it properly. And the same thing goes for these as well. That being said, the steps that you would have to follow for maintenance and to clean these are:

  • First, you need to take off the opening screen of the inlet. After opening the inlet screen, you would have to disassemble the parts accordingly. Ensure that you use proper tools for this, or else there would be a chance of you damaging the mounts and the screws.
  • Now that you have taken off the inlet screen and disassembled the parts, you would have to check whether the line is clogged or not. If you notice any growth of molds and mildews, you would have to clean it. Use hot water and a cleaning solution for that.
  • After ensuring that the pipes are clean, you need to make sure that the power cord is in good shape. Check whether there is any wear or tear on the cable or not. If you notice any, we would recommend replacing it or taping the wear with PVC tape.
  • Then, you have to check whether the motor is performing adequately or not. Once everything is checked, you should assemble the parts and screw the fasteners in.

Installation of Battery Backup Sump Pumps

The installation procedure is crucial if you want your pumps to perform adequately. Without installing these properly, you would not be able to get a good performance out of it. And the installation procedure of these are as stated;

  1. 1
    First of all, you need to check whether the machine is assembled or not. If you happen to get a unit that does not come pre-assembled, you need to assemble the parts first. Most of the manufacturers will include a guideline, which would make the assembly process easy.
  2. 2
    After assembling it, you need to install the mounting hardware. Most of the packages should come with the required hardware. However, if you got something that does not come with them, you need to purchase them separately.
  3. 3
    Now that you have installed the mounting hardware, you would have to install the pump first. Screw it in the mounting hardware that you have installed. And then you need to connect the battery.
    On that note, some of the units might not include cells. For those, you would have to purchase a compatible cell first.
  4. 4
    After getting all of the things installed, you should connect an outlet pipe and place it outside your home. Once all of that is done, connect the power cord, and the device should start working.

Who Need A Battery Backup Sump Pumps?

If you still have doubts about whether you should invest your money in one of these or not, you should go through the points stated below:

You Have a Basement

As we mentioned earlier, basement floors are generally below the ground level. And any floor that is below the ground level is prone to water accumulation. To prevent that from happening, you should get one of these.

You Have Witnessed Basement Flooding in the Past

If you have already experienced basement flooding in the past, then you probably know how much money you have to spend for the damages they do. To prevent that from happening in the future, you should invest in one of these.

Your Area is Prone to Power Outages

The battery-powered versions are specifically designed to work without electricity. That means these would operate optimally even when the power gets cut out. And if you live in such areas where you have to experience power outages quite frequently, you should install one of these in your basement.

You Have a Finished Basement

Basement works are not that easy on the wallet. You would have to spend a good chunk of money on finishing the basement. To protect the investment you made, you would have to get one of them installed on that floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long would a battery backup sump pump operate?

The runtime will depend on two factors. One of them is the efficiency of the motor, and the other one is the battery capacity. The more efficient the motor and the more the capacity of the cell, the longer the runtime would be.

2. Will I be able to add a battery to my existing sump pump?

Yes, it is possible to install a battery to your existing sump pump. There are many cells out there that should be compatible with the pump that you own.

3. Would it be possible to connect UPS to a sump pump?

It is possible to connect one of these with a UPS. However, the cells that the UPS generally have do not have that much capacity. That means you would not be able to get that much amount of runtime with those.

4. How often should I carry out the maintenance process?

It is recommended to carry out the maintenance process at least once in three to four months. That way, you can ensure an enhanced lifespan.

5. Can I connect a surge protector with my sump pump?

As most of the power strips are not suitable for damp and wet conditions, we would recommend against it. However, if you can find one that has adequate water protection, you can connect it with your unit.

Final Words

Hopefully, after going through the entire article, it is now easier for you to get one of the best battery backup sump pumps for your home. We hope that the one that you decide to purchase offers you superior protection from basement flooding and lasts for an extended amount of time.

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