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Who doesn’t love a fish aquarium? Everyone wants to have a fish tank in their house. Sometimes fish tank gets Dirty with algae.

To make sure fish in the tank are healthy and safe we need to wash the fish tank. For this, an algae scrubber is the most impotent tool for a fish aquarium. If we can choose the best algae scrubber it can save our time and it can make our fish tank clean and safe for the fish.

In this article, we talk about the top 6 algae scrubber with their top feature, Pros, cons, and much more information.

We did good research on the web and most popular e-commerce websites and make a list of them here. After you read the article you can decide to buy the best one without hesitation.

Top 5 Algae Scrubber comparison



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1. API Algae SCRAPERS for Acrylic Aquariums

2. Koller Products TM1240 Tom Aquarium Algae Scraper

3. AquaticHI 5 in 1 Multi-Function Algae Scraper

4. UPETTOOLS Aquarium Algae Scraper Scrubber

What is an Algae Scrubber?

An algae scrubber is the most important tool to wash fish tank algae. An algae scrubber designed and used to clean aquarium algae easily and properly. Algae scraper makes it easy to wash a fish tank and the maintenance of a scrubber is easy.

6 Best Algae Scrubber – In Depth Reviews

1. API Algae SCRAPERS and Hand HELD Pads for Acrylic Aquariums

API Algae SCRAPERS is one of the top algae scrubbers because of its design and working process. This tool has a long handle for which it’s easy to clean any fish Tank. For the long handle, it prevents the hand and arm from getting wet. This too can be used in both types of water fish tanks like a freshwater tank and saltwater tank.

This brush can remove the algae quickly and easily compared with other scrubbers. For the long handle, this scrubber is durable and strong and this scrubber lasts many days.

This scrubber can be used only for glass aquarium, not for acrylic or plexiglass. The Company “API” marketing on the market for over 50 years. They are creating an innovative, research-driven solution so that they can make a scrubber which can save time and work faster and easier with a high-quality result. This scrubber is one of the best innovations of them.

Top Feature

  • 18 inch long handle
  • The handle is long-lasting and strong
  • This tool works very smoothly, it does not make any scratch on the glass of the fish tank.
  • It can remove the algae quickly
  • Long-lasting Scrubbing Pad
  • Safe for user and fish both.


  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to use
  • This scrubber is perfect for keeping the inner glass and clean and free from the algae.
  • Best scrubber for glass fish tank
  • A good Scrubber for the price
  • This scrubber is perfect for marine tanks also.


  • This scrubber can be used only for a glass fish tank.
  • Some user complaint that they got Scratch on the Acrylic

2. Koller Products TM1240 Tom Aquarium Algae Scrubber

Koller TM1240 is the best algae scrapers for glass aquariums. This device can help you for multiple purposes and you can clean completely of your aquarium of algae with this tool. This device comes with some Included Components such as Maintenance Equipment, attachment stainless steel blade, attachment acrylic blade, shovel attachment.

Top Feature

  • This item is good for the fish tank.
  • The maintenance component is attached. 
  • Algae-removing pad included with this tool for glass tank or acrylic tank.
  • One stainless steel blade attached to Koller TM1240.
  • This scrubber build with cotton material.
  • This tool can be used in both types of tanks like the fresh water tank and saltwater tank.
  • The handle of the tool is 22 inches long and its made with fiberglass for this tools handle is digestion resistant, strong and super long


  • Easy to use.
  • Koller TM1240 is comfortable.
  • The price is budget friendly.
  • No battery required.
  • Digestion resistant fiberglass handle
  • This scrubber is easily exchangeable


  • This tool is rounded, for this, it’s hard to clean the corner area.
  • The handle of the device is made with fiberglass and it’s flexible so it’s difficult to put a lot of pressure on it.

3. AquaticHI 5 in 1 Multi-Function Aquarium/Fish Tank Cleaning Tool, Algae Scraper

The AquaticHI 5 in 1 1 multi-function algae scrubber is one another best scraper for algae. This device makes your hand dry and clean. It cleans your aquarium properly and easily. This is the perfect tool for fish tank maintenance. This tool comes with 4 attachments which are easy to Exchange in and out.

This cleaning tool builds with high efficiency, Durable ABS plastic components which are anti-rust and enough strong. The 5 attach component with this tool are listed here:

  1. 1
    One fish net which you need to catch fish before started cleaning work.One 
  2. 2
    Gravel rake which you will use to raking and cleaning the gravel.
  3. 3
    One plant fork which used to planting and moving all types of decoration in the fish tank.
  4. 4
    Cleaning sponge which used to cleaning whole the tank properly.
  5. 5
    Algae scraper for scrubbing the algae completely.

Top Feature

  • AquaticHI comes with 1 comfortable extendable handle and 5 exchangeable attached components for different work.
  • This tool makes your fish tank maintenance easy.
  • This tool is easy to assemble.
  • Easy to disassemble
  • This device used high quality out of danger reef, out of danger aquarium, ABS plastic, and anti-rust, etc.


  • Five attached tool which you need for different works.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable and easily maintainable.
  • Comes with one comfortable and extendable handle.
  • Price is not much worth it.


  • The blade is sharp this can may result in injury. Before using this tool you have to make sure to keep your body and fingers away from the blade.
  • You have to handle this toll very carefully.

4.UPETTOOLS 6 in 1 Aquarium Algae Scraper Scrubber

UPETTOOLS Aquarium Cleaning Tool, 6 in 1 Fish Tank Cleaning Kit is another best choice of us. This tool offers 6 different kinds of the component with it which are 1 high-quality Scraper, 1 perfect Gravel Rake, 1 quality Brush, one Cleaning Sponge, 1 Fishing Net for catching fish before clean the fish tank, and one right- angle Cleaning Sponge to clean the fish tank perfectly.

This tool made with ABS high-quality plastic component which is long-lasting and durable and safe for fish and fish tank both of them. This device especially builds to clean the corner and rounded area, the brush head can rotate 180 degrees to clean the dirty area properly. This device included a right-angle cleaning brush that can clean the dirty corner.

Top Feature

  • 6 Different kinds of components included which are need to clean.
  • Made with High quality, long-lasting, and anti-rust ABS plastic.
  • Included right angle brush help to clean the corner properly.
  • The cleaning brush can rotate 180 degrees.
  • This tool is a multi-functional tool.
  • The adjustable handle is very strong and durable.


  • Easy to use to clean an aquarium
  • The blade is strong enough and durable
  • This tool removes the algae perfectly and easily
  • Safe for fish and fish tank
  • Price is Budget-friendly
  • Very simple and effective cleaning tool


  • The blade can’t be replaced though it's durable and strong
  • The blade is much sharp so it can be a danger if you don’t use it carefully.

Who need this Scrubber?

To make the fish tank clean and safe place for the fish it’s important to wash the fish tank. An algae scrubber helps to clean the fish tank safely and easily. Who wants to have their fish healthy and safe they need to wash their fish tank and algae scrubber will help them to clean the tank easily in less time.

Final verdict

I hope you read this article fully and carefully. Now you know what things you have to consider to buy a top-quality algae scrubber. So you can find the best one for your need.

As an editor after reviewing this top 5 item we can recommend API Algae SCRAPERS and Hand HELD Pads for Acrylic Aquariums is the best algae scrubber. We recommend this scrubber because of its feature, design, and working process. You can buy this tool without any hesitation. It will be the best fit you’re your budget and safety.

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